I hope you had a fun week? I am actually hoping that you will have a productive weekend and in order to have one, I will be personally welcoming you into the second episode of a three part Tomato processing classes.

Welcome back to this series of Articles on ways to preserve the Tomatoes all year long by processing them. These are excerpts from a training I attended by AIRDEF (Agric Investors Resources Development Forum) women for women. If you are new to this series, click on this link to read the previous article on Tomato whole fruit


The mode of processing of Tomatoes into powder starts similarly with that of whole fruit. But I will take us through the process step by step.

STEP 1 Get healthy Tomato fruits and wash them in clean water

STEP 2 Put some water on fire and allow boiling, when the water has boiled, turn down the heat.

STEP 3 Put washed Tomato fruits in a pot, and make sure the hot water in the pot covers the top of all fruits in the pot.

STEP 4 Let the fruits boil in water for  5-7 minutes. The boiling of these fruits in water  is called BLANCHING.(This process helps to reduce kill microorganisms present).

STEP 5 After Blanching, bring out the Tomato fruits, let them sit for a little while so they can cool

STEP 6 Slice the fruits into medium sizes

STEP 7 Put in a food dehydrator, set the temperature at 72 degrees Celsius for the first day and 52-57 degrees for the remaining two days

STEP 8 After drying, put the dry slices in a grinder and grind into powdery form.

Ensure you have a clean plastic container that can contain the powdery form and wrap up in an Aluminum foil.  Keep this product away from sunlight because the product will become black and this will affect the taste of the product.

PS: Ensure that your hands are clean throughout the processes to avoid contamination which can lead to food spoilage.


This product should be put in a cool dry place, wrapped in an Aluminum foil and away from direct sunlight so it doesn’t turn black and the nutrients become depleted.

The powder can last for 2 years if left unopened. But, if it is opened, it must be consumed in the same week.

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