For the first time, the World Bank Africa Region is hosting a regional blog competition, inviting young people from 48 countries to share their ideas for how they, and other young people, can prepare themselves for the digital economy and a technology-driven workplace.

Get a chance to intern at the world bank and get your work published. In 500 words or less, write a blog on the topic: What will it take to enhance the skills needed to prepare Africa’s youth for the digital economy and the future of work?


Technological progress is constantly changing how we work, from automation to artificial intelligence. With these advancements, firms adopt of new ways of production, helping markets to expand, and societies to evolve.

While advances in technology can eliminate the need for some jobs, the World Development Report 2019 notes that it also paves the way for the creation of new jobs which will require a mix of skills – such as complex problem solving, teamwork and adaptability – to meet the increasing demand in the labor market. Skill building is particularly important in Sub-Saharan Africa, home to the world’s youngest population; every year for the next decade, as many as 11 million young people are expected to enter the labor market.



  • A panel of expert judges from inside and outside the World Bank Group will review all entries and select the top five from each country. The selected authors will be interviewed, and the top three winners will be chosen from each country.

    The winning submissions will be selected based on the following criteria:

    • Originality
    • Innovation and Creativity
    • Boldness
    • Clarity in Writing and Presentation
    • Convincing and Impactful
    • Ideas Must be Implementable
    • Scalability
    • Practicality and Relevance
    • Potential Impact on Development
    • Potential Impact on Jobs