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who we are Agropreneur Nigeria

We are an innovative agric-business service company built to inspire, connect, grow and build the capacity of young agropreneurs and professionals in the agricultural space.
With focus on crop management services, inputs supply and advisory services to growers in the agricultural industry, our offers are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of agribusiness owners proffering solutions their business needs.
Over the years, we have focused our innovative practices on increasing growth in the agriculture key value chains in Africa.
Over the next decade, we expect a linear (not geometric) growth in the Nigerian agricultural sector as issues in the areas of security, market access, produce preservation, and processing are resolved.
We anticipate the transition of smallholder farming into industrial agriculture on a much wider scale, a development which would expand economic opportunities by encouraging private sector investment and promoting agricultural innovation. We expect a boost in youth participation in farming—as older smallholder growers exit the space, it is inevitable that land segments will be consolidated, resulting in a shift in farm dynamics to large managerial complexities that would take advantage of current developments across mechanization, precision agriculture, and better crop varieties.
ANL is poised to be part of this transition by driving hybridization initiatives via strategic partnerships with leading crop research and development organizations—the adoption of better crops with high-yield capabilities will lower resource input while maximizing yields and securing harvests. We will provide the technical expertise required to transform the current agricultural practices via the incorporation of high-tech solutions to substitute for labor as well as the exploitation of data for farm management.


To provide growers innovative products, services and technical knowledge that enables sustainable and scalable growth for agribusinesses.


To be a leading agricultural advisory and consulting organization that improves grower productivity and encourage increased youth participation in agriculture.

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