About Us

One of the critical issues of concern in the agricultural sector is the lack of new entrants into the various aspect of the value chain.

In a country like Nigeria, it is no news that there is a aging population of farmers, we also have insufficient interest in the agricultural sector by the younger generation due to a number of reasons includes but not limited to :

  • a wrong perspective of agriculture especially production(farming) that is seen as not profitable, for the uneducated and labor intensive.
  • young people are not equipped to take advantage of the opportunities in the value chain such as processing, regional markets and value-addition
  • Constrained access to land and finance
  • lack of knowledge both technical & business 
  • lack of access to information that can guide them to success.

At AgropreneurNg, our goal is to tackle a number of the above challenges by focusing on three key areas known in short as CAgB

  1. Communication
  2. Agvocacy
  3. Building Capacity